Spring 2016

The Comparative Politics Workshop at the GC is held in the Political Science Thesis Room (Room 5200.07) every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30pm, unless otherwise stated. Papers will be circulated approximately one week ahead of each meeting via the CUNY CP Google Group. If you are not a member of the Google Group, you may email gccomparative@gmail.com for each week’s paper.

Full Workshop Schedule

February 9
Duncan McCargo (Leeds)
“Are Military Coups Going Out of Style?”

February 16
Oiendrila Dube (NYU)

February 23
Robert Kaufman (Rutgers)
“Dictators and Democrats: Masses, Elites, and Regime Change”

March 1
Vujo Ilic (Yale)
“Tribal Groups and Civil War Violence: Evidence from 1941-1942 Montenegro”

March 8
Virginia Page Fortna (Columbia)
“The Causes and Consequences of Terrorism in Civil Wars”

March 15
Zachariah Mampilly (Vassar)
“Civilian Resistance to Rebel Rule: Oppositional Agency and the Tamil Tigers”

March 22
Julie George (Queens College)
“Detecting Defections: The Causes of Party Breakdown in Georgia, 1999-2004”

March 29
Jennifer Mueller (Graduate Center)
“Armed groups, child soldiers and legitimacy: Can international pressure improve the human rights records of non-state actors?”

April 5
Mike Miller (Graduate Center)
“The Dilemma of State Power: New Media, Old Challenges in China”

April 12
Kanchan Chandra (NYU)
“Democratic Dynasties: Ethnicity, Family and Party in Indian Politics”

April 19
Erika Iverson (Graduate Center)
“Migrants, Refugees, and the Influence of History: How Context Shapes Policy in the US and Kenya”

May 3
Drake Logan (Graduate Center)
“Toxic Violence in Iraq’s Present”