Spring 2015

The Comparative Politics Workshop at the GC is held in the Political Science Thesis Room (Room 5200.07) every Wednesday from 4:15-6:15pm, unless otherwise stated. Papers will be circulated approximately one week ahead of each meeting via the CUNY CP Google Group. If you are not a member of the Google Group, you may email gccomparative@gmail.com for each week’s paper.

Full Workshop Schedule

February 4th
Andras Bozoki (CEU)
Topic: Deconsolidation of Democracy in the European Union: Hungary in Comparative Perspective

February 11th* 
John Torpey (CUNY)
Topic: Religious Wars in the Contemporary Middle East and in Early Modern Europe
*Note: This week the workshop will run from 3:30-5:15pm and will be held in Room 8301.

February 18th
Jessica Pisano (New School)
Topic: Political Theater and the Materiality of Coercion in Russia and Ukraine

February 25th 
David Rasmussen (CUNY)
Topic: Sources of US Army Doctrine

March 4th 
Vince Boudreau (CCNY)
Topic: The Role of Movements in Regime Transitions: Comparing Indonesia, the Philippines, Tunisia and Egypt

March 11th 
Andre Guzzi (CUNY)
Topic: Social Protection in Mozambique

March 18th 
Nayma Qayum (SUNY Geneseo)
Topic: Non-Governmental Organizations and Informal Institutions in Rural Bangladesh

March 25th 
Young-hwan Byun (CUNY)
Topic: The Politics of Middle Class Decline in Industrialized Democracies, 1980-2010

April 1st 
Timothy Frye (Columbia)

April 15th 

April 22nd 
Ervin Kalfa (CUNY)

Topic: International Intervention and State Building in Kosovo and Albania

April 29th 
Dipali Mukhopadyhay (Columbia)

Topic: Logics of Weak Statehood: Center-Province Relations in Afghanistan 

May 6th 
Alfred Stepan (Columbia)

May 13th 
Jillian Schwedler (Hunter) 

Topic: Political Geography and the Micro-politics of the Uprisings in Cairo and Amman